The Problem

Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project (the Project) is on a mission to restore a very special freshwater wetland near Blenheim.  They contacted us to discuss the invasive grey willow which was taking over the wetland.

The Project’s major concerns were completing the project safely, in a time and cost-efficient way. Before contacting us, the considered both ground and other aerial methods which they established would either take too long or be outside their budget and risk excessive chemical application.


We listened to the concerns, identified the major obstacles of the area and planned an operation meet the Project’s requirements.

In our pre-mapping stage were able to carefully and precisely identify each grey willow. Taking into account each height and size we then allocated the precise amount of chemical to be applied.


Using our large spray drone we targeted each identified grey willow with centimetre accuracy and sprayed a set amount of chemical on each tree.


We delivered a safe, time and cost efficient result that effectively eliminated the invasive species from the wetlands.

As a bonus for the Project, by understanding their constraints and specific needs, we also engaged DroneMate to process our pre-mapping data (including thousands of photographs) and delivered a high resolution survey map of the wetland. This delivered real value for the Project.

“We’re impressed with Agri Drone’s approach and recommend them to other conservation projects.

A bonus of Agri Drone’s approach is a very detailed aerial photo of the weed control area, giving us information on other weeds and an indication of where we should re-plant with indigenous species.”

Tim BartonWorking Group Chair, Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Society Inc.