The Problem

Wensley Road Developments contacted us to discuss how we might eradicate gorge throughout a steep and large site they are developing for housing. They had considered conventional aerial methods but found these were too expensive and indiscriminate. It was important for Wensley Road Development to retain the established native trees within the site.


In the pre-mapping and planning stage we were able to identify and distinguish between the gorse, which we targeted and the native planting which was avoided.


Our drone flew with the pre-programmed spray and flight plan, distributing the specific chemical and water rate to the targeted gorse. Due to our accurate planning, only the gorse was targeted – leaving all natives and pasture unaffected.

We also flew at a low height level which meant the strong draft from the drone rotors effectively opened up the gorse and the spray could penetrate low down in the gorse.


We delivered an excellent result for our client – eliminating the gorge whilst retaining the natives and pasture. Importantly for our client, we also delivered within budget and time.

Our pre-mapping and specific flight plan delivered accurate and highly effective results – happy client!